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Seminole County: (407) 322-8221 ♦ Metro Orlando: (407) 841-5831
(407) 841-5831
Call For a FREE Estimate
Seminole County: (407) 322-8221 ♦ Metro Orlando: (407) 841-5831
(407) 841-5831

Homeowner Tips

Orlando Roof Repairs & Roof Replacement

roof repair services
Have you noticed…
• Water spots on the walls or ceiling inside your home?
• Damp or rotted areas on the underside of your roof?
• Shingles that are missing or not lying flat?
• Blackish algae indicating a loss of shingle ‘granules’?
• Other homes in your subdivision getting new roofs?
• Notices about defective shingles on post-2002 roofs?
Do you know the exact condition of your roof, your options, and roofing costs? Can the problem be repaired, or is it best to replace the whole roof? Will your homeowner’s insurance cover it? You’ll get all the answers you need, when our experienced roofer gives you a FREE roof anaysis and roof cost estimate.
Tip: Walk around the perimeter of your home, and check the eaves and fascia for rot or discoloration at least once a year. If you have vinyl or aluminum soffit and fascia, look for discoloration or mildew. This could be signs of a leakage problem.
Tip: Make sure all leaves or pine needles are removed from the roof, especially the valley areas at least twice a year. This type of matter holds moisture and can eventually cause a leak in that area. Gently sweep or use a blower to remove them. Be careful not to use too much pressure, which could cause damage to your roof.

Tip: When you are on the roof removing leaves, look at the condition of the shingles and especially look for nails that might have backed out of the wood and shingle. Sometimes, over time the Florida heat will cause this. This is a potential leak and should be addressed by a roofer.

Tip: We all know that fungus is a problem here in Florida. Our recommendation is to not clean your roof. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner's association that says you must clean your roof, be careful. DO NOT PRESSURE CLEAN YOUR ROOF! This will wash years of your roof life to the ground. Call a reputable roof cleaning company and check into the chemicals they use. Too much chlorine can dry out your shingles and shorten the life of your roof.

Tip: A shingle roof in Florida will last about 10-12 years. The many months of heat and the ultra-violet rays of the sun take their toll on the shingles. A tar and gravel roof will last about 18-20 years. Most single-ply systems will last nine to 10 years. Adequate roof ventilation is essential to getting the maximum life from your roof.

Tip: If you have a single-ply or smooth surface hot tar roof, it is very important it is coated with aluminum roof coating every three years. This reflects the heat and rays of the sun to prevent drying out and cracking, which will result in a leak.

Tip: Many homeowners have the problem with squirrels eating the lead on the boots covering the plumbing stacks. Here's a hint if you are handy and do not mind heights. Cover the lead stacks with PVC, and paint the PVC the color of your shingles. The squirrels won't eat the plastic.

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